Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Yo-Yo Man’s Key to On-Boarding

If you sat in the first row at February’s Cocktails and Conversations in the Bellevue Harbor Club, you may have had second thoughts about your seat. At the very least, Michael Lee’s Yo-Yo tricks kept you sitting up straight. You could never be sure when a Yo-Yo would fly towards your face, stopping just in the nick-of-time.

Members and guests followed Michael’s yo-yo as he moved seamlessly from “walking the dog,” to explaining the intricacies of on-boarding employees. What is on-boarding? It’s the combination of choosing the right candidate and successfully integrating them into your staff.
Harbor Club member, Blaine Millet said:

Michael has the opportunity to help a lot of businesses find employees, but that’s the boring part about him. The interesting thing is, he worked as a speaker for over 13 years, helping kids and adults build self-esteem and confidence.
For Michael, his professional Yo-Yo career is not much different than his professional staffing one. As the owner of Express Employment Professionals, he continues to provide inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to those around him.

Michael’s professional experience kept the crowd on its toes as much as his yo-yo tricks did. As hands shot up around the room, I watched him field question after question. It was fascinating to hear how each piece of the on-boarding puzzle came back to one thing – an employee’s story. Where did they come from? What did they do there? How will they be an integral part of your company’s success? No, I don’t plan on becoming a Yo-Yo master. I imagine you don’t either. But, I do love stories. Don’t you?

Who is an integral part of your team? How are they helping you be more successful? How will you find more employees like them? I’d love to hear.

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